Protect Aoos MTB Ultra 2015
8 Φεβρουαρίου 2015

We wish to inform you of the organization of the Mountain Bike, point to point marathon, in the Eastern Zagori region starting at Vovousa on Sunday 30/08/2015. The marathon is entitled “Protect Aoos mtb ultra”. We wish to introduce the race in the federation’s next annual competition program as well as establishing it as part of its program.
Our goals

Stone Bringe of Vovousa 1748.
Stone Bringe of Vovousa 1748.

Our goals are the preservation of the environment of the region and the promotion of sporting activities, more specifically mountain cycling. The transformation of the region into a mountain cycling area will be a benefit to athletes, and lead to the development of the local communities.

The trail runs around the borders and sometimes within the communities below: Vovousa, Laista, Iliochori, Vrisochori, Gyftokampos, Makrino, Kastanonas, Doliani, Greveniti, Flambourari, Elatochori. It is always inside the forest (of mainly pine, beech and spruce trees) and covers an altitude variance of about 4 000m, over a distance of 120 km. The first 2 700m at the starting point are asphalt covered. The asphalt covered distance totals 12 km, representing 10% of the distance.

At the Vovousa and Greveniti check points, two clinics will be set up from Saturday morning to Sunday night providing, not only first aid but also conservative fracture repair, assistance for receding injury, intravenous fluids, etc.
The race will be overseen by 5 doctors (2 at the clinics and 3 at trail points ) as well as 4 technical support workshops ( 1 at the start point and 3 in the villages Vovousa – start point, Laista, Doliani, at the position Eikonismata of Elatochori). We estimate that volunteers will cover 10-12 check points providing refreshments and first aid.
There will be complete control over traffic of the roadways for the duration of the race.
For the first year, the marathon will be “open” but will follow the regulations set by the Greek and international federation.
More information will soon be posted on the site concerning accessibility to the region from Ioannina, Thessalonica, Grevena, Athens and Patras, including suggested routes, the distances and the duration of the journey. Vovousa, of the Eastern Zagori, can accommodate approximately 120 people in guest houses and disposes of space for free camping next to Aoos River. Guests can also find accommodation in nearby villages. Prices and discount offers will soon be available for athletes and their companions alike, for three nights (Friday 28/08, Saturday 29/08 and Sunday 30/08). Pictures of the area and the bike trail will also be posted. The distance to and from Vovousa (starting point), the surrounding villages as well as travel time will be provided. The organisers will also care for the transportation of athletes and/or bicycles from neighboring accommodation regions when judged necessary. Catering for the athletes will be provided by organisers and communities on the afternoon before the date of the race and after the race.
More information will soon be posted on the site.
Participation to the marathon assists in the preservation of the life-giving river of Aoos and the Viko-Aoos Park and would honour us greatly.
Participants are not required to pay subscription. However, a recent medical confirmation (6 months from the race), or certification from the Greek or other federation for the current competition period is mandatory.