The magic of long-distances
12 Φεβρουαρίου 2015
by Montis Ordo
There comes a point where the body exceeds its limits of endurance. Then you go with the mind. The muscles alert you that they can’t take any more and then the body subordinates to the mind and continues.

The Aoos Protect was a very tough test for cyclists. The aim was to finish. The 120 km in the heart of Pindos, through prolonged climbs, the rugged descents and gorgeous scenery was a challenge that is difficult for a long-distance cyclist to resist. So from Friday all the top riders began to assemble in Vovousa. Amongst them was the World champion Periklis Ilias who justified the title covering 120 kilometers in less than 5 ½ hours and was worthy by far of the first place.

Apart from the very well-planned route and nature that was “at its best”, it is worth noting the very good hospitality and the prevailing climate in an event that has raised the bar for future events. Vovousa, a border village, which in the winter has a mere 50 inhabitants, filled up with cyclists and visitors. Organizers and residents were entirely ready to welcome them, to serve them and make their stay even more enjoyable.

The race was part of events to protect the Aoos river and served its purpose. It proved that against the plans of politicians and contractors who covet the plunder of nature and the diversion of the river in the name of financial gain – which involves the destruction of perhaps the most pristine ecosystems in Greece – there is another alternative, sustainable development, real progress, creating infrastructure to revive the Greek province, protecting the environment, the need for joy, creativity, freedom and self-realization.
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