Shepherd’s Trail (video)
11 Φεβρουαρίου 2015

A short video about mountain biking in the cordillera of Pindos and the last shepherd’s in the surrounding area of Valia kalda’s National Reserve. All footage’s, taken in a 4 day trip to this amazing place, with Montis Ordo’s, Alex Petroutsos and his bicycle and the sequences are driving you to the summit of Avgo, the Flegga lake and the wonderful forests of Valia Kalda and at the end at the downhills of Vovousa village.
All videos footage’s taken with Canon DSLR system manually with the help of a jib crane, tripod and monopods and with additional help by a Gopro HD2.
As regards the music, with respect to the culture and the local environment I had to choose something that combine the traditional music with rock music, Villagers of Ioannina City is the group that reflects that feeling.
Special thanks to our shepherd, Panos Apostolinas for his hospitality in this amazing place and in more special thanks to our guest riders, Giorgos Stamoulis and Andreas Tsanaksidis for the help of this realisation.
and last, I want to thanks Alex for his patient….!!!